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Social Responsibility at Intercity

Intercity Hotel Chain is always concerned with social responsibility. Therefore, in order to strengthen this practice, it supports, since 2007, NGO Cultive Sonhos. This institution provides technical and financial consulting to partner institutions that assist more than 300 children and adolescents. NGO Cultive Sonhos works to strengthen the bonds and the development of citizenship in the communities, thus expanding the horizons and opportunities for citizenship development of children and adolescents in social vulnerability conditions. Lean more about this NGO and how you can contribute!

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In addition, Intercity is very concerned with the impact its actions has in the environment. Therefore, it makes every effort to reduce it as much as possible by adopting simple practices:

  • Towels and lines reuse program: room towels and lines will be changed only upon guest's request, avoiding water waste.

  • Use of low-energy light bulbs: replacing regular light bulbs with low-energy light bulbs helps reduce electric power consumption.

  • Selective waste collection: this is extremely important for the planet's sustainable growth, since it reduces soil and river pollution.

  • Presence detectors for lighting control: the hallways and common areas of all chain hotels are equipped with presence detectros that reduce electric power consumption.

  • Solar panel: Intercity Premium Cuiabá has solar panels that capture solar energy and make it into energy to heat the water used in the room showers and faucets. This results in reduced gas and electric power use.

  • Amenities: the amenities available in the rooms are made of biodegradable materials, from the production of products to the packages offered, which causes reduced impact in the environment.