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ICH Chain was born as a company that not only managed but also owned its hotels, and it has invested heavily in its enterprises and management smart tools. The huge success of this initial operation led the chain to make its expertise and pioneering ideas available to hotel investors who wanted to enjoy the benefits of our business model. Currently, we can see our hard work has paid off by the strong recognition in the market and excellent performance of all hotels. With an innovating profile, ICH is pioneer in offering reduced operating costs by sharing the administrative and commercial management with all its hotels. In addition, we are the forerunners in the development of business tools that bring our clients closer and optimize sales. Are you interested? Please contact us for more information about the hotel administrative services provided by ICH.

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Smart Management

A leader in the smart management concept, ICH is recognized in the market for being a pioneer in the centered hotel management model, where the basic assumptions are optimized processes and reduced costs, in order to increase profitability for the investors and improved operating efficiency.

Transparent Management

ICH is proud of its transparency and open doors policy. Therefore, we treat our investors as business partners, providing performance data and hotel reports in real time. Our directors, as well as our managers, are always willing to share opinions and clarify doubts without delay or bureaucracy.


Being an investor in the hotel business has many advantages, and having special rates is one of them. The ICH investor has a discount in all hotels in the chain and partner hotels around the world.

Investor Portal

ICH investor portal was designed thanks to ICH's advanced database, which connects the units to the corporate office in real time. Through this platform we are able to follow the performance of our enterprises at any time anywhere, allowing management and strategic decisions to be taken wisely. This is the same tool we make available to our investors, who can follow the performance of their hotel business on a daily basis.

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