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About Intercity

Intercity Hotel Group is pionner in the Brazilian urban hotel segment. Currently it has hotels in all five regions of Brazil and one in Uruguay. Intercity offers exclusive free services that make life easier for business or leisure travelers. Over the years, Intercity was able to earn the respect and leadership in the markets in which it operates. By 2018, Intercity plans to achieve the landmark of 60 hotels. Check out our achievements below. 

2015 Continuing the expansion plan, the Intercity Hotels goes to the federal capital with the Intercity Brisas do Lago hotel, near of the Brasilia’s Pilot Plan and to Montes Claros with the Intercity Montes Claros hotel. That same year, the brand grows its presence in three Brazilian cities, Gravataí, Salvador and São Paulo - with the Intercity Shopping Gravataí hotel, Intercity Salvador Airport hotel, and Intercity Interative Gardens hotel.
2014 Intercity arrives in Rio de Janeiro with the opening of the Intercity Teresópolis hotel, also in Espírito Santo with the Intercity Píer Vitória hotel and in Minas Gerais with the Intercity BH RAJA hotel. In addition, Intercity is expanding its presence in São Paulo with Intercity Vinhedo, located in the industrial area.
2013 Now present in the five regions of Brazil, Intercity opens its first unit in Northern Brazil, Intercity Manaus hotel. In addition, Intercity now manages another hotel in João Pessoa, at Cabo Branco Beach, the Intercity Marinas João Pessoa hotel, and another hotel in São Paulo capital, the Intercity Address Faria Lima hotel.
2012 Intercity gets to Bahia by opening the Intercity Salvador. In the same year, Intercity enters into new administration agreements in different cities of Brazil, such as Brasília (Águas Claras)/DF, Curitiba/PR, Vinhedo/SP, Itupeva/SP, Sorocaba/SP, Jundiaí/SP, Montes Claros/MG, Belo Horizonte/MG, Linhares/ES, Gravataí/RS, Porto Alegre/RS, Rio Grande/RS, São Leopoldo/RS, Salvador/BA, Recife/PE, Teresópolis/RJ, Itaboraí/RJ, among others.
2011 Intercity takes over the administration of NEWCiti São Paulo, fifth hotel of the Chain in the capital of São Paulo. On the same year, it opens its first hotel abroad, the Intercity Montevideo hotel, in Uruguay.
2010 By the beginning of the year, Intercity takes on the administration of its fourth hotel in the city of São Paulo, the Intercity Nações Unidas hotel. Intercity João Pessoa hotel, third hotel in the Northeast, is also opened in the same year.
2009 In May, Intercity opened the Golden Fortaleza Flat, thus continuing with the expansion on the Northeast. 
2008 Intercity disembarks on the Northeastern region with two new projects. It opens the Intercity Natal hotel and it signs a contract for the Intercity Salvador hotel, under construction.
2007 Intercity opens two new units in São Paulo city: Intercity Berrini hotel and The Universe Flat. São Paulo capital is now the city with the largest number of Intercity rooms available. 
2006 Intercity disembarks in São Paulo with the Intercity Ibirapuera hotel and Intercity Jundiaí hotel. With these two new projects, the Chain reaches the mark of 10 hotels in Brazil. 
2005 The Brazilian expansion and the Chain's 5-year anniversary plan is launched. At the same year, Intercity had 8 hotels in 6 different cities.
2004 Was a milestone for Intercity: Intercity Cuiabá hotel opening, the first hotel out of the Southern region. Also Piazza Navona Flat management, headquartered in Porto Alegre city, is taken over by the group.
2003 Intercity Premium Porto Alegre opens and Bavária Sport Hotel is incorporated to Intercity Smart Hotels.
2002 Intercity Caxias do Sul hotel and Intercity Florianópolis hotel open.
2000 Intercity Aeroporto Porto Alegre hotel opens.
1999 The "Smart hotels" concept is first introduced with the opening of the Intercity Gravataí hotel.