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Quality Policies

Your satisfaction is a commitment, and your loyalty is the recognition we are on the right track. With this in mind, Intercity keeps its quality standards under strict control. Threfore, Intercity faces the daily challenge of making sure every guest will receive the same treatment, with the same big smile, and, above all, the same agile, friendly and committed service in every hotel of the chain. Since this is what makes Intercity a formidable player in the market. Focused on the corporate segment, Intercity receives more than 40 thousand guests a month, and is committed to understanding them and speaking their language, in learning about the hectic business world of people who have no time to waste. Intercity' job is actually this, making the lives of its guests easier, making processes less bureaucratic, thus ensuring its teams are always ready to help and welcome guests after a long working day. In order for this to happen, Intercity counts with a corporate team dedicated to training and audits to make sure its hotels and teams are in line with the Intercity's philosophy and procedures.