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Intercity Best Price Guaranteed

Intercity Best Price Guaranteed works like a deal made between friends: you book your hotel on our website and we guarantee the best rate available in the market!


  • The rates charged on our the website are subject to change without notice, but will always be lower than or equivalent to the rates shown on other websites that advertise rooms from Intercity hotels.

    If you find a lower rate than the one presented on our website advertised on another website up to 24 hours after booking your room, please contact us immediately via email so we can honor the lowest price. Please send us an email to with the following information: the guest's full name, Intercity website booking number, email address and a “print screen” of the webpage where the lowest rate was found. Emails that are incomplete or contain incorrect information will be disregarded; an email will be sent notifying that data is missing for a revision of the rate charged. Print screens that have been modified or tampered will be immediately identified and the request will be automatically cancelled.

    The Best Price Guaranteed program is valid only for reservations made at least 72 hours before the check-in date.

    The lower rate request for review will only be considered if the amount stated is found online and is available when Intercity verifies the information (within a 24-hour period after the request for rate analysis is received).

    The lowest rate found must refer to the same: 1) hotel in the Intercity Chain; 2) category and number of guests in one room; 3) check-in and check-out dates; 4) currency; 5) payment conditions for the room booked at Intercity website

    The analysis of the lowest rate found will only be performed if the room booked at the Intercity website has been completed and confirmed.

    The Best Price Guaranteed only applies to individuals. It does not apply for reservations made via: 1) agreed to rates for employees, groups, corporations, and agencies; 2) advantage loyalty program points/miles or any other reward program or special deal offered by the Hotel Chain.

    If it is confirmed that the rate found on other website is lower than the one advertised on the Intercity website, an email will be sent confirming the reservation, stating that the lowest rate will be honored.

    If the analysis of the lowest rate found does not have a satisfactory outcome due to discrepancies in the rate revision terms and conditions, the rate of the room booked and confirmed on the website will maintain the same rate applied at the time of the reservation.

    Intercity reserves the right to change any and all conditions and terms for rate revisions at any time without notice, and it does not accept any liability for any expenses incurred by companies that advertise Intercity hotel rooms on websites other than website.