Intercity makes your life easier

Hotel features

1. Direct is better. Book online directly with Intercity Hotels and always get the best rates ou and get the best rates always.

2. Welcome! Receptionists with a warm and big smile, easy check-in will make you feel at home.

3. Mi casa es su casa! Here everything is planned especially for you to rest and have a good night of sleep.

4. Good morning! Start your day with the right foot and enjoy our delicious breakfast.

5. Location, location, location! At Intercity you are in the heart of everything.

6. We do everything we can for you to have an excellent day at work.

7. You can't deny someone a glass of water neither an internet password. Enjoy free Wi-Fi in all hotel areas.

8. Até breve! See you soon! Bis bald! Hasta luego!