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Learn more about Intercity's Smart Portal and solve any doubts you may have:

- What is the Smart Portal?
This is an innovating space for traveling agencies and companies, where it is possible to book online under special conditions and rates with commission guaranteed (for traveling agencies except for NET agreements). The Smart Portal is the fastest, safest and most practical way of booking your rooms at any Intercity Chain hotel. The new portal has innovated with the BAR rates, which are the best available rates for the day. And they are displayed simultaneously with your agreement rate.

- How can I enjoy the benefits of this new sales portal?
It's easy! If you are already registered at Intercity system and have received a login name and password to CMNet web, you may use this information to access our system. Simply click on the Book online session. If you haven't registered yet, please fill out the registration form. We will receive your company information and Intercity will contact you to provide your login name and password for you to be able to book online.

- How can I book online?
Click here, enter your access data and book online. If you are not able to follow through, please see our step-by-step procedure by clicking here.

- It is possible to change or cancel a reservation made on the website?
Yes. See how by clicking here.

- What are the payment methods?
On the Smart Portal it is possible to book with direct, pre paid or invoiced payment, as long as the requester is registered in the system and has a credit card that is pre approved by Intercity.

- After I book my room will I receive the confirmation fast and safely?
Yes. The system generates a confirmation number immediately. In addition to this number, you will receive a booking confirmation voucher via email. Everything is done in an agile, simple, and safe way.

- Do I have access to special rates on the website?
Yes. On the website you have access to your agreement rate with Intercity hotels and to the BAR (Best Available Rate). The website may also bring "last minute" promotional rates.

- What does BAR stand for?
BAR is the abbreviation for Best Available Rate. This concept applies to the best available rate, meaning the best rate of the day that is available for everyone. It is important to emphasize that this rate changes depending on the hotel occupation, and it may be changed daily without notice.

- Is the BAR rate always lower than my agreement rate?
No, the BAR rate may be lower than your agreement rate for some periods, as well as it may be higher; it depends on the hotel occupation. The advantage is that the BAR rate will be available exclusively on the Smart Portal, and the agencies receive commission on it (except for NET agreements). You decide the best rate for you always.

- Will my agreement rate always be available?
Yes, for clients entitled to the agreement rate, this will always be available simultaneously to our Best Available Rate - BAR. This rule will not apply only during Major Events in town.

- How does the Early Check-in and Late Check-out work?
Both the early check-in and the late check-out should be previously requested to the hotel. This request should be done after you book your room and receive the confirmation upon availability.

- How does the NO-SHOW work?
If a guest does not show and does not cancel the reservation, this will generate a NO-SHOW fee, which means a one night's room rate will be charged. The cancellation period where the NO-SHOW fee will not be charged is 24 hours before the check-in date.

- How can you guarantee your booking?
All rooms booked on the Smart Portal are automatically guaranteed. A NO-SHOW fee will be charged if the guest does not show or if the reservation is not cancelled 24 hours or more before the check-in date.

- What is a major events period?
These are periods in which major events are happening in town, making it a very busy time. For this high-occupation periods, the hotel chains usually apply rates called "major events" rates. In some cases, the reservations will be accepted only upon advance payment. In these periods agreement rates may not be available. The major events calendar is sent with your agency/company list of rates, and it may be changed without notice.

- How long does it take for my registration form to be entered into the system and for me to be able to book online?
After you properly fill out the registration form and send the required documentation, we will respond to your request within 72 business hours. If you have any doubts, please contact us at